35 home improvements Joanna Gaines would be proud of

Promising results: “Unbelievable! Unbelievable! Unbelievable. I took more than one coat though. My cabinets were bare wood and I still needed a few coats. (Five to be exact, but it was just me who was extra. ) My kitchen is medium in size, not too big, and it only took one box. But I still went through a few more times just to get a nice coating. I also let it sit for a few days and saw that the wood was sucking paint in some places, so I have The project ideally takes a day like the promotion video says, but a day like in 24 hours. It made my kitchen look like a cheap rental apartment kitchen to a high quality kitchen with just that paint and new knobs. The paint is perfect for cabinetry – it’s not too thick, so you still see the grain of the wood. It comes with EVERYTHING you need. I didn’t have to buy anything. The project is super easy, the paint dries quickly, and I did it at first by removing the cabinets but it wasn’t necessary at all. Just make sure you don’t leave any drips, as this will make your cabinets look cheap. I would recommend EVERYONE to buy this and give your cabinets a chance before making a big investment in new cabinets. Wood is wood and it can be repainted. “-Brandon moronta

Get it on Amazon for $ 69.95 (also available in Grey, deep brown, mint, and black.

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