A glass artist will present a new exhibition at the Pine Moon gallery next month

The above piece, titled “Some Paths Lead to the Lake” by Jennifer Baker, will be on view at Pine Moon Fine Arts throughout August 2022.
Pine Moon Fine Art / Courtesy Photo

Pine Moon Fine Art will present a new collection titled “Celebrating Color — Inspired by Nature” by local glass artist Jennifer Baker. The show will start on August 1 and will be presented during the first Friday art walk on August 5.

Baker has designed several glass artworks to be featured in the exhibit, which she says was inspired by the natural world and love for the environment here at Steamboat.

“Looking back, I was a creative most of my life…working in whatever medium I had to hand. I started working with glass many years ago when I lived in Ohio,” Baker said. “It wasn’t until I moved west and was completely immersed in its beauty that I was able to translate my vision into my work. “

Baker began working on the “Celebrating Color” pieces over the past year. As the name suggests, color and hues were a source of inspiration for the collection.

“Color, or a combination of colors, can evoke a mood or an emotion like nothing else can. When I experiment with tints and tones, it’s like being a child opening a box of 64 crayons, with a sense of excitement and eagerness that can’t be triggered any other way. according to Baker’s description of his collection. « Color is the bridge through which I try to create the same emotions through my own work. This exhibition is the culmination of months of free experimentation and color play.

“The body of the work features a combination of vibrancy and luminosity that exaggerates and reveals some of the ways hues alter our perception, and which I hope will bring a new level of appreciation to viewers,” said she added.

For some pieces in the exhibition, Baker used a new process to merge different elements.

“A new process that I’ve implemented in a couple of these pieces is to create an item by basically breaking multiple layers of glass together at a temperature of over 1500 degrees,” she said. “These are demonstrated in my piece ‘Vibrant Bouquet’. Each flower was created separately and then integrated into the larger piece.

This is intended to enhance the impact of the different vibrant colors in each artwork.

Baker explained that she also ventured into different subjects for her pieces, which usually feature landscapes or plants.

Glass artist Jennifer Baker went to great lengths to mix vibrant colors in her piece “Vibrant Bouquet.”
Pine Moon Fine Art / Courtesy Photo

“I also decided to create a few pieces with animals, depicting them in a more colorful light,” she explained. “I haven’t really worked with animals much, but I certainly enjoy it.”

Baker explained that she doesn’t have a confined art style, but has enjoyed working on these pieces over the past few months.

“Anyone who knows me knows that I love being outdoors, and I’m definitely inspired by nature — hence the title of my show,” she said. “I take it completely.”

She added that the emphasis on color is another important aspect of her work that she hopes will come across to those browsing the gallery.

“People have told me my pieces evoke joy and I feel like my use of color conveys that,” Baker said. “I wanted to continue using the power of color to create that feeling or at least a positive emotion.”

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