‘Armored Core’ and Flame Toys dominate ‘Wonder Festival 2022 Summer’

Due to the pandemic, it’s been good years since we’ve had a real Festival of Wonders in Tokyo. Luckily, one of the top events on the otaku calendar returned this summer and it didn’t disappoint.

As with previous Wonder Festivals, there were three main halls at Makuhari Mass caught up with wonderful new figures and toys. What was a little different this year was that the first room, for commercial releases, was a little lighter than usual.

It was mainly because Sentinel, Good Smile Company and Takara Tomy were absent. However, there were still plenty of companies present to share their wares and one of the main stalls was that of Flame Toys.

Of a variety of very beautiful and highly stylized Transformers numbers, including Victory Leo of Transformers: Victoryto surprise announcements for gurren lagann and the super robot wars series.

Flame Toys makes some gloriously ornate and intricate figures, but it looks like they’re finally branching out and spanning other anime and game licenses and that’s something I can happily support.

Following this, there was QuesQ and their new R-type toys. Now I’ve already picked up their R-9A arrowhead and it is very well done. We also have the R-9/0 Ragnarok of Type R III on the way, but the real surprise was the reveal of two new fighters from R-type delta.

Namely, the R-9aII Delta and the R-13 Cerberus (shown below). These two looked great and I just hope QuesQ continues this and covers other fighters in the R-type series in the near future.

This is where the fan side of things started and it was pretty clear that there was still plenty of love left for the armored core series. From a giant cosplay of white reflection of Shielded core for responseto a more discreet but equally astonishing Shield Core V chief cosplay, activated according to his The ultimate weapon use.

There were also plenty of fan-made kits available for armored corecovering the entire series, even some of the novels.

Other than that, there were quite a few VOTOMS kits on display, including lesser known ones Brilliant Heresy OVA.

All in all, it was a good Wonder Festival and it reminded me that the fans haven’t been idle at all in recent years and that even the commercial side has even had some nice surprises in store.

Hopefully the next Wonder Festival will still take place early next year, and hopefully some of the biggest toy and model building companies will have something to show off as well. In the meantime, check out the gallery below for more on what this year’s Wonder Festival had to offer.

Wonder Festival 2022 Summer Gallery

Date: July 24, 2022

Admission fees : 3,000 yen

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