Bratt Elementary School honors veterans with program and parade (with photo gallery):

Bratt Elementary School honored veterans on Wednesday with a Veterans Day program and parade.

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The guest speaker for the event was Commander George Trice, Jr., United States Navy, retired. He retired in 2011 after 33 years of service in the Navy. He began his career as an electronic technician enlisted in the submarine service. He graduated from the University of New Mexico and was appointed an Officer of Surface Naval Warfare. The last years of his career were spent at Corry Station as Director of Training.

“I saw the young soldiers come out of the training camp,” he said. “Seeing the sparkle in their eyes and the hope in there, and the hope and dreams of what they plan to do with this country. The next generation is coming.

“Thank you for what you are doing,” Trice told third graders at Bratt Elementary. “You listen to your teachers, and you learn and will become great Americans.”

“The hopes and dreams right in front of us… that’s what we feel, what we do is protect the next generation that will come behind us,” he said. “And give it to them and make sure they have the opportunities that we have had and that they are aware of making the choices that you have had. They all have dreams; they all have hopes.

After the third year program, the veterans marched through the halls of Bratt to enthusiastic cheers and waved American flags.

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