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The Delta Record | Infamous Art Gallery presents a 1920s themed collective

BUCKHANNON – The infamous art collective, from Buckhannon, hosted their 1920s Flapper Ball themed collective on Saturday 26th February. Several different artists have come together to share their art with the community. One artist, Sailah Hill of Calhoun County, uses many different mediums and likes to go with the flow. Hill works with crochet, metal, […]

New portraits of McDonald on display for YC’s ‘About Face’ art exhibit

Jerome J. Michael McDonald’s Artist (Photo by Ron Chilston) Artist J. Michael McDonald hosts his own show at Yavapai College. A resident of Jerome for 27 years, McDonald has turned to portraiture during the COVID-19 shutdowns, trying to capture the effects of unique circumstances on the human face. Her new exhibit, “About Face,” opens Feb. […]

Artist Larry Blissett paints raw, expressionist portraits using vivid colors

(Courtesy of Blue Rain Gallery) Viewers have called Larry Blissett everything from “the Chicano Basquiat” to “a watered-down Picasso.” The Santa Fe artist and former entrepreneur pokes fun at labels and ignores any criticism, saying, “Some people don’t think these are works of art, but I don’t care. ” Blissett’s work is available at the […]

Art review: Juan Santiago at the Gambrel Gallery

To enter the white space of the Gambrel Gallery is to leave the mountains of southern Oregon and instead become a beholder of royalty. The princesses of No mirrors in this house to inhabit a sacred elevation. Viewers are left to watch without agency from below. In another area, ignoring intrusions, the porcelain figures are […]

This British Art Gallery Recently Removed Vincent van Gogh Memorabilia, Here’s Why

A London art gallery recently removed memorabilia related to the famous painter Vincent van Gogh from its gift shop. A member of gallery staff looks at a painting titled ‘Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear’ by Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh at the Courtauld Gallery in London. AFP A London art gallery recently removed memorabilia related to […]

The National Gallery of Canada creates a department for decolonization –

As part of a desire to better represent Indigenous culture in art institutions around the world, the National Gallery of Canada is committed to reinventing its collections and programs from a decolonial perspective. Today, the museum announced the creation of the Department of Indigenous Ways and Decolonization, which will be led by Michelle LaVallee as […]

Guz Khan will star in an exhibition at the National Gallery in Coventry

Coventry’s Guz Khan is due to star in a National Gallery exhibition featuring Coventry icons. The local comic has been chosen to feature alongside other personalities from the city in the exhibition of portraits on loan from the National Portrait Gallery. Students from Barr’s Hill School helped organize the exhibit, titled “Creative Connections.” READ MORE […]

Five Points Arts celebrates 10 years of continuous growth and improvement in Torrington

TORRINGTON — A decade ago, the Five Points Gallery opened on Main and Water streets, welcoming local artists and guests to show their work. Judy McElhone led a team of volunteers and investors, including the Torrington Downtown Partners, to create the space, which now hosts monthly shows, special exhibitions and artist talks for the community. […]

Front Range Art Guide Feb 4-10 – Longmont Times-Call

Visitors are encouraged to call ahead before visiting area galleries for COVID protocols and hours. Block area 15th Street Gallery Featuring works by Boston artist Nancy Simonds and Denver artist Tony Ortega; open by appointment only; 1708 15th St., Boulder; 303-447-2841; Ana’s Art Gallery Art from local, African and Caribbean artists; 12pm-5pm Friday-Sunday; 958 […]

Painter Hana Yilma Godine uses Ethiopian textiles to construct fantastical compositions of resting women

Hana Yilma Godine paints women in their moments of intimacy: resting on the couch, at the hair salon, preparing for a wedding. The artist, who received his MFA from Boston University in 2020, studied with renowned Ethiopian artist Tadesse Mesfin in his hometown of Addis Ababa. The flattened perspective and elongated figures of her compositions […]

Li Tang Gallery inaugurates its online art space with an international juried exhibition, THE NEXT

Li Tang Gallery will present its inaugural offering, THE NEXT, an online group exhibition available to the public from January 8 to March 5, 2022. In preparation for the post-Covid era, Li Tang is keen to present a platform for artists working across disciplines to share their visions of the post-Covid “show”. A wide range […]

Temple artist Michael Donahue puts stories on canvas in Waco | Arts & Theater

Temple artist Michael Donahue is showing works sampling his life as a painter in “Perspectives,” at the Susan L. Sistrunk Fine Art Gallery through February. Michael Donahue echoes the subjects of ancient painters with his triptych “The Gambers’ Altarpiece”. Temple artist Michael Donahue’s paintings have a lot to unpack, both in their frames and in […]

Business News | Stock and Equity Market News | Financial News

Search mutual fund quotes, news, net asset values Yes Bank INE528G01035, YESBANK, 532648 ICICI Bank INE090A01021, ICICIBANK, 532174 Addiction INE002A01018, TRUST, 500325 One 97 PayTM INE982J01020, PAYTM, 543396 CDS INE467B01029, SDC, 532540 Search mutual fund quotes, news, net asset values Yes Bank INE528G01035, YESBANK, 532648 ICICI Bank INE090A01021, ICICIBANK, 532174 Addiction INE002A01018, TRUST, 500325 One […]

Samara Golden spills her “guts”

LOS ANGELES — It’s a dizzying and disorienting experience, where moments of serenity juggle with feelings of disgust. Inaugurating the new Night Gallery warehouse space, which opens this weekend, artist Samara Golden has constructed a mirrored bedroom that creates the illusion of a skyscraper. Different floors provide competing images – from calm turquoise waters to […]

Black art breaking news: Georgia Museum honors Lou Stovall, Edmonia Lewis gets postage stamp, Steve Locke is now replaced by Alexander Gray and more

Latest News in Black Art features updates and developments in the world of art and related culture Lou Stovall in the printmaking studio he established next to his Cleveland Park home (1974). | Courtesy of Atelier Lou Stovall Awards and Honors Artist and master printer Lou Stovall receives the Larry D. and Brenda A. Thompson […]

Russian street artists enter the gallery space (PHOTOS)

These creative minds used to break the law by “decorating” public places with their graffiti, but the Russian Ruarts Foundation invited these provocative underground artists to be exhibited as legitimate members of the art world. 1.0331C. Fencing Street artist Zhenya, nicknamed 0331c, has had solo exhibitions in the past. One is called “Fence” and its […]

William Spenser Bagdatopoulos: the forgotten Greek-American artist

When does a Greek immigrant become American? When does this transformation really take place? And who ultimately determines this status? Returning these questions, when does the history of the Greeks in the Western Hemisphere admit someone as a fellow Greek? It is certain that a go-to choice for admission to Greek American Studies is once […]

Neighborhood Notes: Ruth Asawa, Ana Teresa Fernández, Casa Sanchez, some cancellations and more!

We have confirmed cancellations and openings with the organizations below, but plans are subject to change. Stay safe there guys! Canceled: “Navidad Negra! Bajada de Reyes ” The “Navidad Negra! Bajada de Reyes’ Afro-Peruvian concert and dance performance at the Mission Cultural Center for the Arts originally scheduled for 6pm tonight has been canceled “in […]

Agitation brings interactive art to the Karsh-Masson gallery – Apartment613

By Maude Lipsett The Karsh-Masson Gallery at Ottawa City Hall welcomes artists Raymond Aubin and Hugo Gaudet-Dion, who have created a surreal and interactive exhibition entitled Agitation. The gallery is filled with interactive moving images, three-dimensional objects, projections, flat murals and musical accompaniments. The key interactive piece in Agitation. Photo by Maude Lipsett. “There are […]

Archibald, Beatles and Desert Art: Summer Delights in Australia’s Regional Galleries | Culture

Fancy a road trip to celebrate the end of a very difficult year? Get on your bike, charge the electric vehicle, use gasoline gears to tour one of Australia’s regional art galleries. And don’t forget to check the entry rules secured against Covid in advance. Geelong Gallery: Archie 100: a century of the Archibald Prize […]

The work of artist Ramona selected for the Artist Alliance Biennale at Oceanside

“The Gods Who Feed Us” by artist Ramona Stacy Nixon is one of 61 works of art selected for the Artists Alliance Biennale 2022 at the Oceanside Museum of Art. Nixon’s work, a large 40-by-26-foot piece that combines wax bound on paper with hand-cut stencils and an overlay of pigments and gold leaf, is on […]

Wayne Thiebaud, painter of lush colors and textures, has passed away

LOS ANGELES Artist Wayne Thiebaud, whose succulent and colorful paintings of cakes and San Francisco cityscapes combined sensuality, nostalgia and a hint of melancholy, has passed away. He was 101 years old. His death was confirmed on Sunday in a statement by his Acquavella gallery. Thiebaud died at his Sacramento home over Christmas, Eleanor Acquavella, […]

Beauty is North Artist Star: Denver’s Daniel Sprick to Exhibit in New York | Culture & Leisure

Daniel Sprick, one of Colorado’s most accomplished artists, recently returned from New York City, where he was preparing for a new exhibition – his first since 2016. Opening at the Gerald Peters Gallery on February 11, the Sprick exhibition “Interiors” will exhibit his ethereal, lifelike paintings from his 16th-floor apartment near City Park, most created […]

Gordon Gallery in Tel Aviv brings contemporary art to an unlikely corner of Jerusalem

Beit Sapir, a minimalist industrial building in Jerusalem’s Givat Shaul neighborhood, is either the strangest place for a contemporary art gallery or the best possible place for one. But even if the decision to open a branch of the famous Gordon Gallery of Tel Aviv in one of the less artistic corners of Jerusalem was […]

Helen Durant: “Lines are what I love” | Visual arts | Savannah News, Events, Restaurants, Music

Few works of art speak to me more than the passionate and gestural paintings of Helen Durant. Now in the early 1970s, fragile and graceful as a bird, delicately boned and softly spoken, Durant’s southern accent and distinguished appearance belies the daring and intensity she brings to her work. It was a teacher at her […]

Local artist Susan N McCollough exhibits at Alabama Gallery –

Local artist Susan N McCollough exhibits at Alabama Gallery Gulf Shores artist and gallery owner Susan N McCollough exhibits her work at the University of Alabama Gallery in Tuscaloosa. The solo exhibition “An Expressionist’s Journey” features twelve large abstract paintings and a sculpture by trainer Nick Saban (above), a special project she undertook and which […]

New York artist Suzanne Scott explores relationships, death, and more in Tribeca exhibit

Sign up for our PoliticsNY newsletter for the latest coverage and to stay informed about the 2021 elections in your district and across New York Local artist Suzanne Scott takes a close look at death and relationships while paying homage to her late friend at a new show in Tribeca. The exhibit, titled “Boy, That […]

72-year-old potter from Chilliwack presents his first solo show – Chilliwack Progress

A Chilliwack artist who has been creating pottery for 50 years has his work on display at the Chilliwack Cultural Center. Drawn in clay is a pottery and drawing / painting exhibition by Ted Driediger at the O’Connor Group Art Gallery through January 7. December 9 Progress met Driediger as a constant stream of visitors […]

Beyond their lavish aesthetic, Michaela Yearwood-Dan’s paintings make you feel

Michaela Yearwood-Dan paints large, alluring pictures that slowly reveal their secrets. Your eye can rest on an intimate line of text nestled in a swirling composition of richly colored plants, or on subtle blooms of Swarovski crystals, acrylic nails or gold leaf applied to the surface of a painting. Or you might spot cotton flowers, […]

From art exhibitions to theater, Baghdad is experiencing a cultural revival

Published on: 12/07/2021 – 03:28 Baghdad (AFP) – Art exhibitions, book fairs on the Tiger and Godot in Baghdad, after decades of conflict and unrest, the Iraqi capital is experiencing an artistic renaissance. “People need art, they want to develop their artistic taste – it’s a loophole,” said Noor Alaa al-Din, director of art space […]

The GES-2 House of Culture in Moscow opens a new era in art

Moscow celebrated the inauguration of the GES-2 House of Culture on Saturday. Led by curator Teresa Iarocci Mavica and funded by director of gas company Novatek Leonid Mikhelson, GES-2 is designed to create a revolution in the Russian art scene. GES-2 is the new headquarters of the VAC Foundation, founded by Mavica and Mikhelson in […]

Lecture by an artist at the Fleischmanns gallery | Entertainment News

FLEISCHMANNS – 1053 Main Street Gallery in Fleischmanns will present an artist talk with upstate New York artist Lisbeth Firmin at 3 p.m. on Saturday, December 4. A reception will follow. According to a press release, the conference is a companion to “Alone,” a solo exhibition of the artist’s paintings, on display at the gallery […]

Nicola Vassell brings Fred Eversley, the art of Alteronce Gumby to Miami –

Energy, distilled to its essence, is power, or more precisely, the capacity of power. One of the quintessential expressions of energy is Newton’s experimentation with light focused through a prism to create a rainbow of colors. At Art Basel Miami Beach, which opens today to VIP guests and runs through Sunday, New York’s Nicola Vassell […]

Buy gifts at DuPage Art League’s Yuletide Treasures in Wheaton

The DuPage Art League Yuletide Treasures Gift Shop is open. Over 40 local artists created special holiday gift items including: jewelry, ornaments, charcuterie boards, cards, gloves, hats, doll clothes, candles, paintings, etc. . Find unique and affordable gifts at the DuPage Art League’s Yuletide Treasures Gift Shop in downtown Wheaton. – Courtesy of DuPage Art […]

Art Industry News: In a decision that will come as no surprise, “NFT” was named Word of the Year + Other Stories

Art Industry News is a daily digest of the most important developments in the art world and the art market. Here is what you need to know on Thursday, November 25. NEED TO READ Looted Palmyra sculptures return to Syria – The Geneva Museum of Art and History is restoring three archaeological objects allegedly looted […]

Once on the fringes, tattoo artists are now an integral part of downtown Maine

Thirty years ago there were a few types of businesses that one would expect to see in the average downtown area. A hardware store. A pharmacy. A shoe shop. Things like that. But those staple businesses on the main streets have changed over the past few decades, to instead include coffee shops, craft breweries, and, […]

Influential critic dies at 82 –

Dave Hickey, an art critic whose polarizing writings have been worshiped, has died. Daniel Oppenheimer, who this year published a biography of Hickey titled Far from being respectable: Dave Hickey and his art, reported in Texas monthly that Hickey died at age 82 last month. Although Hickey has written cultural reviews for decades, it wasn’t […]

Parkash Purb: Artist Donates 3 Works of Art for Holy City: The Tribune India

Deepkamal Kaur Tribune press service Sultanpur Lodhi, November 18 As worshipers begin to converge on the holy city of Guru Nanak for the 552nd Parkash Purb celebrations, there is something new and amazing to watch. The site is the Guru Nanak Art Gallery in Nirmal Kutiya, the dera of environmentalist Balbir Singh Seechewal. Right at […]

Sigur Rós Star Jónsi transforms gallery into volcanic transport station –

It has been a long time since I felt happy to describe an experience like indescribable, but it was the word that presented itself most forcefully after entering the first New York exhibition of Icelandic artist Jónsi. After a pandemic-induced spell limited to restricted screens and home stereo equipment, it’s truly something to walk around […]

New Saffron Walden Museum exhibition bridges art gallery and museum culture

A new exhibit at the Saffron Walden Museum examines how today’s society might be preserved in the fossil record. Fossilization: A Slice of the Anthropocene combines original bronze sculptures by artist Kabir Hussain with objects from the museum’s collections. It will run until March 20 next year in the Special Exhibitions Gallery on the ground […]

How a Gilroy artist grew his business during the pandemic

When the pandemic hit, Nacho Moya knew he had to get creative to keep his art gallery and studio in downtown Gilroy afloat. So he did something that is perhaps counterintuitive in an age when resources seem scarce: Moya has started offering free virtual painting lessons. Hundreds of people have signed up, looking for connection […]

Go to a magical place without leaving the ground at the new QC airport gallery exhibit

You can be transported to magical places at Quad Cities International Airport without even taking a plane. From November 3 to January 3, 2022, Quad City Arts’ Art at the airport presents oil paintings by Elisa Boucher of Glenview, Illinois, collagraphs of Luca Cruzat by Carbondale, Ill., and the ceramic sculpture by Lori Roderick of […]

Balancing heritage and modernity: the first Egyptian gallery of contemporary design and collection

Balancing heritage and modernity: the first Egyptian gallery of contemporary design and collection Galerie Le Lab at the Walk of Cairo presenting a solo exhibition by Georges Mohasseb from Studio Manda. Courtesy of Radical Contemporary. As exhibitions reopen around the world, artists are now exploring new ways to involve people in their work. The experience […]

Gallery East exhibits 60 years of paintings, drawings and prints by Marion R. Hyde

USU Eastern Press Release The third and final exhibition of 2021 will be a work by Marion Hyde, a Logan artist and retired chair of the art department at Utah State University. The exhibition, entitled “Marion Hyde: Paintings, Drawings and Prints, 1960 – 2021”, will take place from November 2 to December 10 in the […]

The National Gallery of Art acquires Faith Ringgold’s painting Flag is Bleeding: perhaps the museum’s “largest purchase of a contemporary work of art” since 1976

THE NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART (NGA) acquired “The American People Series # 18: The Flag is Bleeding” (1976), a major painting by Gold Faith Ring which makes a powerful political statement on American democracy and racism. The iconic painting was acquired directly from the artist’s collection with funds donated by the Glenstone Foundation and the […]

works by artist Simeon Spearman on display at the Lander Fine Art Gallery until November 17 | Relax

Greenwood-based freelance portrait and portrait painter Simeon Spearman says he can create for hours at a time when inspiration strikes. His exhibition entitled “Manifestations” is on display at the Lander Fine Art Gallery until November 17th. Discover charcoal portraits, works made with Conté pencils or sticks, and even two-dimensional pieces on wood, created using wood […]

Closed for 19 months, JCC’s Janice Charach gallery reopens with a ceramic exhibition

artwork by jeff ham The theme of the exhibition: What can you find on a plate, a question that can be answered in several creative ways. Aclose to being closed for 19 months old and briefly open to visits by appointment in October and November 2020, JCC’s Janice Charach Gallery is finally reopening its doors […]

Things to do for all of you | Arts and Entertainment News

Artists, who work across a variety of mediums, include Phyllis Anderson, Jill DeFelice, Glen Guarino, ta hahn, Dennis Loughlin, Joe Lugara, Varleria Marcus, George Mattei, Lucretia E. McGuff-Silverman, Tony Migliaccio, Vincent Nardone, Carol Nussbaum, Suzanne Pasqualicchio, Jason Rice, Vincent Romaniello, Andrea Sauchelli, Karen Starrett, Lou Storey, Diane Tomash and Christina Marie Klein. The Noyes Arts […]

Glazed Edibles brings the art of chocolate to cannabis, in partnership with actor Jim Belushi | To eat

“One thing we want to point out,” Hutto said, “is that these are entirely separate businesses. Ice cream shop is its own thing – you won’t find frozen edibles in these stores.” Still, there is some cross-pollination. Bill Copeland, the world-class chocolatier who founded Glacier Confection, helped develop some of the recipes for chocolates sold […]

Frieze London’s new Unworlding section hoped to raise awareness of young artists, but it also generated sales

Unworlding, a new section of Frieze London examining ideas of collapse and rebirth, is perhaps the kind of title you might expect from a biennial. And the works on display here, the vast majority of very young artists, are more radical and experimental than in other parts of the fair, but that doesn’t mean they […]

Nicole Storm – Brooklyn Rail

In sight White columnsAugust 28 – October 16, 2021new York Nicole Storm’s first solo show in New York City is an exuberant installation of heavily crafted surfaces that combines abstract painting in color and calligraphic line art. Occupying half of the White Columns gallery, the exhibition presents a multicolored collection of mixed two-dimensional and sculptural […]

SOMA Residence, Galerie d’Artistes & Studio / Dumican Mosey Architects

SOMA Residence, Galerie d’Artistes & Studio / Dumican Mosey Architects © Cesar Rubio Photography + 17 To share To share Facebook Twitter Pinterest WhatsApp Mail Or Zoned Area of ​​this architectural project Zoned: 8000 sq. Ft. Year Year of completion of this architecture project Year: 2017 Photographs Photographs: Cesar Rubio Photography, Kirsten Hepburn Photography […]

The retrospective of the artist Steamboat, gallery owner and founder of the museum opens on Friday

Several of Richard Galusha’s paintings in his Steamboat Art Museum exhibition, which opened on December 6. Wild Horse Gallery / courtesy STEAMBOAT SPRINGS – Like so many others living in Steamboat Springs, Richard Galusha has lived a life of scrambling through three, four, or five jobs at a time. But what sets him apart is […]

The Artist’s Gallery – Longtime Olympia Cooperative Gallery showcases a variety of art

IIt has been almost thirty years since The Artist’s Gallery opened in Olympia. And today, the cooperative gallery is bigger and better than it has ever been. About four years ago, they moved from downtown to their current location on the Capital Mall Promenade. Now they want to make sure people know they’re there. “We […]

The Lambertville artist gallery presents the exhibition “Autumn leaves and covered bridges”

Then..and Now: The Lambertville Artists’ Gallery retrospective presents the exhibition by sculptor Patricia Lange and pastel artist Doug Sardo “Autumn leaves and covered bridges”. An opening reception with wine and refreshments will take place on Saturday, October 11 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. the show runs from October 9 to Nov 2. Émile Zola […]

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