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Last week on Black Ink Crew, a Puma team building exercise led to a black client feeling offended after Young Bae gave her advice on getting a color tattoo. Ceaser addresses the situation this week, but did Bae do something wrong?

Puma announces bad news for Bae

It’s the day after the Battle of the Sexes tattoo competition, and Puma wastes no time in telling Young Bae that their client left satisfied with her tattoo but felt very offended. Bae never explicitly said the black client was “too dark” for a color tattoo, but she did explain that it wouldn’t stand the test of time when complete. Anyway, according to Puma, the client felt like Bae made it look like she couldn’t get a color tattoo because of her dark skin, which black people have unfairly endured for years. , which made them embarrassed about their skin. .

While Puma thinks Bae wasn’t trying to offend the client by explaining that color tattoos will fade over time, he thinks she could have conveyed that message better and thinks it is a bad look at the Black Ink brand. Naturally, the discussion left Bae feeling a little bad, and she left the store because she wasn’t focused on race but on giving the customer an honest review.

After Bae leaves, Vanity, the one who took it upon herself to do the tattoo, says she understands how the client feels, but also felt Bae didn’t say anything crazy and would have stepped in if she thought Bae was irrelevant. Vanity, Krystal and the other Black Ink artists at the store revealed that they weren’t comfortable doing color tattoos. Krystal, who didn’t enter the contest, went even further, saying she would have recommended the client go elsewhere if it hadn’t been for the contest.

After hearing what the artists had to say, Puma felt that the artists should have been honest from the jump and not done the tattoo. He also announced the winner of the Battle of The Sexes competition, saying the men’s team won the W.

Spyder gets to the bottom of his health issues

We learned earlier in the season that Spyder’s frustrations in the shop (mostly with Rok and Krystal) stem in part from his private handling of a health issue. Spyder and his wife decide to see a doctor, and she tells him he might be suffering from trigeminal neuralgia, a condition with no known cure. The doctor suggests that Spyder could ease some of the pain he is feeling by having brain surgery. Spyder breaks down in tears, and his wife consoles him and reassures him that they will work it out together. Spyder eventually gets an MRI, and he’s nervous about it but handles it like a boss and is relieved he did.

Teddy sells Krystal a musical pipe dream

Teddy, who does absolutely nothing, is very serious about this music label and wants to make Krystal a superstar. He thinks she has the potential to get a “viral hit record” but needs to work on her stage presence, even though we all know that’s not the only thing she needs. Teddy arranges a session with a choreographer who “has worked with Beyoncé”, but the session went as planned, nowhere. We’ll see how long Black Ink Crew sticks to this scenario.

Teddy & Ceaser talk about Bae’s situation

Ceaser is finally back from his vacation and is immediately greeted with drama. Teddy and Puma tell her about the whole situation with Bae and honestly embellishes the whole story by saying that Bae offended the customer by saying you can’t do color tattoos on black skin (she doesn’t didn’t say that). Ceaser and Teddy also think it’s a bad image that a black-owned tattoo shop has artists who can’t do color tattoos on dark skin. It looks like Ceaser’s problem from the jump because he hired all these artists, so he should make sure they know how to do their craft properly.

Either way, Teddy says he’ll contact Bae to talk about the situation. He wants to explain to her just as she thought they should be careful about what they say about the Asian community, the same energy should be kept when it comes to talking about black people getting color tattoos. Again, keep in mind that she didn’t say anything egregious Donna-level that would have upset Bae, so we don’t understand how Teddy even compared the two situations. Ceaser decides he needs to get in touch with a tattoo artist he met named Pooch, who can hopefully teach his team how to approach tattoo artists with darker skin tones.

Teddy and Bae have this face-to-face conversation, and she truly believes that she didn’t tell the client that she couldn’t get a tattoo because of her darker skin tone. Teddy explains to him that it’s an offensive stereotype that black people still endure while pointing out that he doesn’t believe Bae is racist. Teddy tells Bae that she needs to be mindful of what she says, especially to black customers, just as she wants them to respect the Asian community. Although she doesn’t feel like she did anything wrong, Bae agrees and regrets unintentionally offending anyone.

Krystal and Tatti bond over drinks to discuss the matter. Tatti thinks Puma was too hard on Bae (the only time we agreed with Tatti). At the same time, Krystal understands where Puma comes from. Krystal thinks that sounds bad for a brand called Black Ink, which is supposed to be a safe space for black and brown people to get tattoos.

Bae’s ‘misstep’ becomes a teachable moment for Black Ink

After a phone conversation with Pooch, Ceaser convinces him to take a flight to teach his crew how to do color tattoos on dark skin, and Bae agrees to attend. Pooch arrives and everyone except Bae, who isn’t there, gathers to watch him do a tattoo on a dark-skinned person quite lighter than the women in the shop last week. Ceaser also met with the black client to smooth things over and make sure everything was okay.

Ceaser shows up and immediately notices that Bae isn’t there and is very annoyed by that fact, but you know what a VH1 reality show is like. They go all out for drama and Bae shows up as she said. Pooch expertly explains how he approaches getting tattoos on darker individuals by not telling them no, but presenting alternatives to specific colors that he knows won’t show on the skin. blacks. BUT, he also admitted that he used to tell his clients something similar to what Bae said to the black woman last week before he learned how to do better.

Again, Bae wasn’t really out of place.

Eventually, Bae and Ceaser finally have a talk, and it seems like he wants to let Bae go if she doesn’t feel comfortable working at the store. After a moment of fake tension, the two burst into laughter and Bae declares that she wants to stay at Black Ink. During his confessional, Ceaser reveals that he wanted to fire all the ladies of Black Ink for the way they handled the situation, not to mention the men who did much the same.

In the end, an exaggerated situation became a teachable moment for the crew, so Puma’s team-building event turned out to be a success.

The episode sparked a conversation, with some viewers siding with Bae believing she did nothing wrong while others believed she did too much and offended the women. You can see those reactions in the gallery below.

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