Columbia PD reports 48 illegally owned firearms seized since New Years

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) — The Columbia Police Department, which is considering reducing gun violence in the city, released new data on Tuesday showing officers have seized 48 firearms so far in 2022.

The department sent an email stating:

The new data comes after Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott sounded the alarm about guns being stolen from cars.

The sheriff’s office reported 12 guns stolen over the weekend.

The CPD also added 11 photos of the seized weapons to its current gallery on its website.

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Officers “confiscated firearms from persons who were not legally entitled to possess a firearm and/or during the commission of a violent crime or traffic stops. “

Both agencies are partnering with Building Better Communities, a nonprofit whose goal is to fight gun violence.

Executive director Perry Bradley said it remained a resource issue.

“Do you really think anyone chooses, who has the resources, to go out and break the law? Why would you do that? So if you have the proper resources, it takes away your urge to go out and just steal guns for money and things like that,” he said.

“At the end of the day, what they’re doing is they’re just trying to make up for something that’s missing. Whatever resources they don’t have, they get them off the street. .

Bradley said his organization is trying to tackle the problem on several fronts, including providing resources, educating the community about gun safety and building networks.

Bradley said connecting the community to jobs is another part of the solution. He said the income helps eliminate the need to steal and sell the guns.

“Leaving guns in your cars is easy money. People don’t realize the price of a gun on the street. They can pull a gun out of a car and make about $400 to $500 just selling that gun.

He echoed the call to keep guns out of cars.

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