Dee Snider officiates Rusty Eye Bassist’s wedding

“Is that a Twisted Sister pin on your wedding officiant uniform?” Yes, that’s right, Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider was the wedding officiant recently at the wedding of fellow rocker, Mr. Rust, the bassist and co-singer of Rusty Eye.

According to Rust, Twisted Sister has always been an influence for him and his group. He goes on to say: “When I was six, someone gave me the remixed version of Under the blade on vinyl and since then Twisted Sister has been one of my favorite bands. “

Mr. Rust and his wife Teresa Gallo are both metal and horror fans, which “made Dee Snider the perfect officiant to marry us.” The iconic singer has performed weddings in the past for Twiggy Ramirez, Adam Greene and his own son Jesse Blaze Snider.

The bassist noted that they were all “already divorced … but he says he has a good feeling for us because he believes in marriage and shortly before our wedding he had celebrated his 40th wedding anniversary”.

When it comes to wedding officiants, we imagine Dee Snider saying “if it’s not me, it’s crap”. The couple tied the knot on November 6 at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood and the video was posted to Rusty Eye’s YouTube.

The wedding party walked down the aisle dressed in black, the bride included, without her white veil and gray ruffles on her dress.

So how did Dee end up officiating the wedding? Snider says the two main reasons were, “I’m a heavy metal rock star and I’m a horror icon and these two love horror and heavy metal. ‘other?”

He adds: “If you’re lucky enough to find a good one that you hold onto for life and from what I’ve learned about these two, Teresa and the man of many names, it seems like ‘they found some good ones. “

You can watch Dee Snider celebrate Mr. Rust and Teresa’s wedding below.

Dee Snider officiates Mr. Rust and Teresa Gallo’s wedding

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