Dolly Parton still communicates with Miley Cyrus by fax

In 2020, pop star Miley Cyrus – who was a guest on her famous godmother Dolly Parton’s Christmas album – revealed she was asked to join the project by fax.

Turns out old-school communication is no accident for Parton: She continues to communicate with Cyrus via fax to this day, according to a new interview the pop singer recently gave to Late Night with Seth Myers. This might surprise viewers who saw Parton and Cyrus’ Super Bowl 2022 ad in February: In a spot for T-Mobile, they staged a PSA-style clip with the tagline “Do it for phones.” .

“She used to do it for the phones, but whenever I coordinate or communicate with Dolly, it’s always by fax,” Cyrus explains. “So I don’t know what she’s talking about. She’s rarely on the phone. Next time we’ll have to do it for the fax.”

The are phones involved in his communication with the country legend, Cyrus clarifies – but Parton’s messages arrive on his phone screen in a roundabout way. “She does a fax, then someone scans the fax, then they put it in a text message, then it gets sent to me. And it’s still signed,” she explains.

Parton’s communication style may be a little weird, but Cyrus says the more she gets used to it, the more she appreciates it.

“So now I’ve kind of started my own version where I go into the notes, and I’ve started trying to do my own letters, because there’s something so amazing, just about the connection. It’s just…not casual. You know she took the time to pull out, I guess, her typewriter.”

These elaborate technological processes also extend to how Parton sends music. “She once gave me a demo where she talked about being super high-tech, but it was all through a tape, which she then recorded on a flip phone, that someone then put on the iPhone, which was then sent to me, “Details from Cyrus.

Although Parton’s technical skills can be a bit unorthodox, she’s still at the center of what’s hot and trending in 2022. Most recently, she signed on to co-star in Taco Bell’s mexican pizza The musical TikTok, which will be released on the social media platform on May 26.

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