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Rubin: #AhmaudArbery doesn’t tell them anything. He hears Travis McMichael say: We called the police. Bolts in the other direction. Travis comes out like, what is this? We want to talk to this guy. He sees Arbery on the street “trying to get in Roddie Bryan’s truck”. He does not know the black Silverado truck or who it is. He expects to hear a gunshot because “he thinks #AhmaudArbery is armed as he claimed to be on the 11th”, and this guy whose name he doesn’t know is going to try and take this guy’s truck.

Rubin: Before the first shot, they called the police; there was no intention of murder. Travis has his gun to protect himself.

“This guy ran over him, acted weird, didn’t say a word, now Ahmaud Arbery is stepping back. Travis’s training taught him how to show a weapon to defuse violence, ”says Rubin.

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Rubin: Travis McMichael, 35, single, father. In the Coast Guard from 2007-2016. He was a boarding officer authorized to make arrests and searches, to use his weapon if necessary. He had received training in federal law enforcement.

The video you saw earlier doesn’t start to tell the whole story; it’s like looking through a hole but you can’t see the whole outfield. The story begins in 2019; Satilla Shores was on the verge of increasing property crime. Behaviors started to change.


February 23, 2020 Greg McMichael sees #AhmaudArbery “pulling the ass” on the street. “It’s aisle decision 1. He’s in his aisle working on boat cushions; has no idea if Arbery has been in this house… runs inside, picks up his gun… Greg McMichael assumes the worst ”

Roddie Bryan sees Mr. #AhmaudArbery running away from Travis McMichael’s white pickup, makes a guess, no idea what’s going on, joins in on Mr. Arbery’s pursuit.

State describes the pursuit of #AhmaudArbery, who ignored the men who tried to stop him. He runs away. Turn and run in another way. The truck pulled back to try to cut it and throw it into the ditch. “Sir. Arbery is attacked by these three men.

State says that brings us to Roddie Bryan’s video. It’s longer than anyone else has seen. “He was fleeing from the 3 accused for 5 minutes. As she prepares to show a video of #AhmaudArberykill, Marcus Arbery leaves the courtroom, mumbles “I don’t want to see this.”

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9:30 a.m .: Eleven jurors are seated in the box at the moment, not four. Wanda Cooper Jones and Lee Merritt, his lawyer, arrived in the courtroom at around 9:35 a.m. Marcus Arbery, Sr., also arrived with another man.

FRIDAY 11.5.2021: “Just breathe. That’s what a man told a woman as the couple moved into the family courtroom for the accused Travis McMichael, Greg McMichael and Roddie Bryan. People gather in the courtroom and in the ancillary premises of the Glynn County Courthouse as the trial begins in earnest. The swearing-in and opening statements take place today.

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