Gallery East exhibits 60 years of paintings, drawings and prints by Marion R. Hyde

USU Eastern Press Release

The third and final exhibition of 2021 will be a work by Marion Hyde, a Logan artist and retired chair of the art department at Utah State University. The exhibition, entitled “Marion Hyde: Paintings, Drawings and Prints, 1960 – 2021”, will take place from November 2 to December 10 in the USU Eastern’s Gallery East.

Hyde explained that the images in this exhibit are based on words written by Edmund Burke in his philosophical inquiry, “Sublime and beautiful,published in 1756. “Burke considered the ‘sublime’ of nature to be the indomitable, forbidding and terrible aspects. The “handsome” was examining the peaceful and lyrical qualities that were sure to man. The images in this exhibit may not be off-putting and terrible, but the concern is to focus on the uncultivated landscape. It is a landscape of beauty, mystery and uncertainty.

He said: “The formally composed work of art focuses on the act of bringing together the separate parts, lines, shapes, colors and space, combining them into an aggregate that binds them together. forming an expressive unit… a whole. A change or modification of the composition requires a reconfiguration of the elements.

“Introducing a new color or shape requires adjusting existing colors and shapes to maintain a balance,” he said. “This kind of balance produces events of tension on the pictorial field. The events of these images are established with shapes, colors and spaces that arise from the examination of the sublime landscape. The goal is to configure visual patterns into a pictorial metaphor confirming the beauty and mystery of nature.

Hyde was born in Tremonton, Utah in 1938. Often referred to as a realistic stylist, he works in painting, woodcut / printmaking, and sculpture. He received his BFA in 1962 and his MFA in 1969 from Utah State University.

He has had solo shows at the Kimball Art Center, Plum Tree Gallery, and North Hennepin College in Minnesota, and group shows that included national prints shows in Connecticut and Trenton State College in New Jersey.

He was a faculty member in the Art Department of Utah State University until his retirement as Associate Professor Emeritus of Printmaking and Drawing and former Department Head. He resides in North Logan.

Gallery East is located in the Central Instruction Building and its exhibitions are free and open to the public during the academic year from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and are closed on weekends and holidays. The gallery is observing COVID-19 precautions, including face coverings and a limit of 10 people in the gallery at a time.

An artists reception will take place on November 12 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the gallery. Contact Noel Carmack at (435) 613-5241 or email [email protected] with any questions regarding the exhibit.

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