Is this the most haunted house in Monmouth County, New Jersey?

As Halloween approaches 👻 it’s definitely time to share some good scary stories. This particular haunted house is known as Burrowe’s Mansion and after sharing my adventure at the Elem Physick Mansion in Cape May, I thought about going to County Monmouth for this story.

This article is about a Jersey Shore house that has a frightening past. This is the Burrowe Mansion in Matawan, County Monmouth. What caught my attention about this house was seeing a show on the travel channel aka ghost tv lol it was featured in an episode of Ghost nation on Travelchannel. If you remember Steve gonsalves of the show, was on the air with me and we talked about ghost hunting and the connection to New Jersey.

Let’s take a look at the history of this Monmouth County landmark. The Burrowe Mansion was built in 1723, making it almost 300 years old. Major John Burrowe decided to buy the property in 1769. In 1776 British troops attacked Burrowe Manor in search of the Major, but he was not there. According to legend, his wife Margaret kept the British at bay for a while until they broke into the house. Ms. Burrowe was struck by a soldier’s sword, the injury of which ultimately led to her death.

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Legend has it that Ms. Burrowe’s spirit haunts the house and many have said they saw and heard things in the house. I had the chance to drive and take photos of the exterior, currently I believe there are no tours inside.

Quite a sight to see this 300 year old mansion in person and wonder if I would see Mrs Burrowe’s through a window, guarding her home from the British.

Check out the photo gallery and maybe this Halloween season take a walk through the Burrowe Mansion and see if you see anyone out the window? ??

Burrowe Mansion

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