Jasmine Roth reveals a beautiful decorating idea that you are sure to overlook

Jasmin roth, host of the show “Help! I destroyed my house, ”knows that many homeowners will opt for DIY to save money on renovations. Yet at the end of the day, these efforts often end up being a bigger puzzle than they are worth.

In the Season 2 episode “Worth the Peace of Mind”, Roth works with Bryan and Kadie, a married couple whose Huntington Beach, Calif., home appears to be falling apart. While these parents of three had planned to renovate the place themselves, they quickly realized that they were overwhelmed. So they give Roth a budget of $ 100,000 to fix their many half-finished projects.

Here’s how Roth crosses the finish line in this makeover, with plenty of lessons for renovating your own home.

Cover an annoying fireplace

The owners began to repair the chimney, without much success.


Bryan and Kadie tried to fix their dated fireplace, but after making a large hole in the wall, they threw in the towel. Roth therefore takes over with a plan to remedy the masonry of the 1970s.

“The bricks that run up to the ceiling, it’s not pretty and it’s really hard to hang a TV or art or whatever,” says Roth. “It makes this wall non-functional.”

Now this fireplace wall looks like an elegant art gallery.


Instead of spending money to remove those bricks, Roth and his team cover the wall with new framing and new drywall. When they’re done, that wall is clean and modern.

Not only does this new drywall make the living room look more modern, it also creates a great place to hang works of art. Roth sets up precious pieces from Kadie’s grandfather, transforming this family room into a gorgeous mini gallery.

Add warmth with wood floors

This living room is white on white.


While Bryan and Kadie made strides in renovating their home before Roth stepped in, they’re not thrilled with the styling choices they’ve made.


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They ended up with a lot of white and gray in the house, but luckily Roth knows how to inject color with new flooring.

This flooring definitely warms the room.


“These are luxury vinyl floors. They’re perfect for this family, ”says Roth. “They are durable and they will be much warmer than the floors that were here before. “

The rustic flooring brings color to the home while maintaining the modern Scandinavian look the couple love.

Make sure the stair railings are safe

stair railing
Bryan and Kadie tried to fix this railing themselves.


This house needs a lot of updating, but maybe the most important project is to make the stair railing safer. When Roth first visits the house, she notices that the railings are oddly low, and the balusters are too far apart. She’s worried about safety, and it’s clear that Kadie and Bryan are too.

Roth is therefore offering this family new tall glass railings, effectively eliminating the risk of children slipping through balusters or tripping to the side. Plus, glass adds a clean, modern look to this prominent staircase. This new feature is the perfect combination of sleek style and safety.

stair railing
This ramp is elegant and safe.


Protect the bathroom vanity from water damage

bathroom vanity
The bathroom vanity had a lot of water damage.


While a lot of Roth’s time and budget is spent improving the kitchen and living room, she knows that one of the bathrooms is in need of an update as well. Roth spots a worn vanity that appears to have been damaged for about 15 years, but is only 3 years old. This vanity is all open wood with no finish, and with so much water splashing around, it’s no wonder the wood didn’t last long.

Roth chooses a sleek new vanity with a Mid-Century flair. While this part should already be more water resistant than the old one, Roth is taking extra care.

“I didn’t want the vanity to crumble like the last one, so lifting it off the ground is going to make all the difference,” she says.

bathroom vanity
This bathroom vanity has an elegant mid-century style.


Books can be the most overlooked decorating idea

The new shelves provide plenty of storage for this family of five.


This library is now a safe place for children.

When Roth first enters this house, she sees a simple wall hidden under the landing. It appears to be wasted space, so Roth wants to make some improvements.

“The wall you see when you first enter has to make a statement,” says Roth. “I think he needs color. I think he needs dimension, and I think he has to do the impossible, which is to connect the upstairs to the ground floor.

She notices some shelves on the upstairs landing and decides to create a full bookcase upstairs and downstairs. To save money, she builds simple shelves and lets the books add color.

When the library is finished, it looks beautiful. Not only do the shelves provide plenty of storage (which is important for any family of five), they also create a lovely center wall that is sure to impress guests.

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