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The French call it La Rentree: the time when the summer holidays are over, the schools open and we cling to the last rays of the long hot days, writes Jason Ward.

Our local creative community is back with BCP’s Arts By The Sea Festival, an exciting new season at Lighthouse, Poole and BEAF presenting a season of films in Boscombe as the local extraordinary new theater prepares for its tour of Shakespeare’s King Lear.

We meet actor and writer Vas Constanti, one of the stars of Rock of Ages in 6 Degrees of Inspiration, I review ENESS’s Airship Orchestra which is presented by GIANT Offsite and we find out how important it is to establish a clear story for our Ambiance Creation company.

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20 – 34 September: Rock of Ages. The world hit musical comes to Lighthouse, Poole with a fantastic cast, your favorite rock hits and an amazing live band taking you back to the days when hits were as thick as hair! Tickets: lighthousepoole.co.uk

September 28: BAD Cinema presents Drive My Car. Ryusuke Hamaguchi’s film is a haunting road movie that travels a path of love, loss, acceptance and peace. Winner of several awards, the film is presented in the original Japanese with English subtitles. At Boscombe Arts Depot – doors open at 7 p.m. For tickets click here.

September 30 – October 2: Arts By The Sea Festival is back with performances, live music and art across Bournemouth. From skateboarding and roller skating to Colombian music and creative workshop for kids, it’s a wonderful event. Check out the program here: artsbythesea.co.uk/events/

October 25 – November 1: King Lear. The local Extraordinary Theater is touring our area with one of Shakespeare’s finest tragedies. The tour starts at Bournemouth Little Theater Click and the link for more information is here: bournemouthlittletheatre.co.uk

Review: Airship Orchestra by ENESS

Presented by GIANT Offsite at the Bournemouth Triangle.-

As the summer slowly fades, the days get shorter and the sky turns grayer. Airship Orchestra has landed in the Bournemouth Triangle. It brings us beautiful colors, foreign shapes accompanied by softly melodic and enveloping music that lifts the spirit and provides space for reflection. The piece was created by ENESS, an Australian design studio, which has worked around the world.

This piece has been seen in China, the US and Australia, but is making its UK debut here in Bournemouth. As GIANT Gallery Director Stuart Semple said on opening night, it’s wonderful to see BCP and BID investing in public art for all to enjoy. And it’s always positive to see creativity used to attract visitors and support local businesses.

At the Bournemouth Triangle until October 9th. To learn more, visit space.giant/play

Vas Constanti

Vas is a successful director, writer, and actor currently playing the role of Hertz in the nationwide tour of the hit musical Rock of Ages. He is also the author of the hit series Mythvolution.

What inspires your creative ideas?

The world around us, past and present. History, mythology, current events, nature, my imagination and my personal experiences. You see, the moments of peace and comfort that are so rarely stolen in time, become daydreams and “light bulb” moments, stories and tales. These form puzzles that allow me to venture deeper into creativity.

Why are arts and culture important to everyone?

I think everyone needs to have their minds expanded. Art can be a window that does this, it can give sight to an artist’s emotional mind as well as the viewer. It allows a connection to occur as well as a reflection. It can also be incredibly cathartic.

Culture is the foundation of humanity, if we don’t accept and build culture, the world descends into chaos, wars are fought, dictators of all kinds arise and groups are marginalized.

What advice would you give to a company to help it become more creative?

Ally yourself with the right partners, be diligent and prepare as much as you can. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and learn from them. Take a moment to articulate your thoughts before making decisions and approach everything as a set of chapters. Compartmentalize your strategy and take it one step at a time.

Who is your creative hero?

Anyone who has the courage to finish what they started, regardless of the personal cost. Those I admire are.

Writers: Sir Terry Pratchet, Philip Pullman, George Orwell, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Tolkien.

Directors: Tarantino, Coppola, Harryhausen, Cecil B. DeMille and Oliver Stone.

Playwrights: Peter Shaffer, Tom Stoppard and Larry Kramer.

Artists: David Wynne, John Napier and the Pre-Raphaelite painters.

What creative work are you most proud of?

The Mythvolution books, the research was just relentless and the discipline needed to actually make them was insane! By the way, I’m still working on volume three.

Playing Kevin Rosario in the London production of In The Heights was a wonderful role that stretched my acting skills.

Project management and design of the construction of my own house.

What are you working on now?

I’m writing a three-part comedy-drama, for Panda Hat Studios, about a group of medieval monks who are transported through time to present-day Croydon. I’m currently playing the role of Hertz in the UK tour of Rock of Ages.

  • You can catch Vas and the rest of the Rock of Ages cast at the Lighthouse, Poole from September 20-24.
  • To view the Mythvolution book series, click here.

I recently read an article in Vanity Fair about entrepreneur Audrey Gelman who went from running a billion dollar business to opening an antique and homewares store in Brooklyn. called Six Bells. What makes the story interesting is that Six Bells is also the name of an inn and general store in a fictional English village called Barrow’s Green that Mrs. Gelman created.

Barrow’s Green also has a church, synagogue, pasture, post office and a character community which Six Bells customers can experience in-store and online with maps, oil portraits and village tales exposed.

By creating a story for her store, Audrey German gave potential customers another reason to engage with her business and another level of engagement.

Not all of us need to create a mythical land for our business, but we do need to think about the story of our business and the story our business tells. Indeed, stories or narratives engage customers – just think of how many people love Line of Duty or Eastenders stories.

Try writing about your business as if you were a profile writer – how would you describe the story of where your business came from, what it does and where it is going.

You may not need to create Barrow’s Green, but a good story always sells!

From the Confidently Creative podcast episode “What’s Your Story”.

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