JG Wentworth Hires Senior Vice President of Analytics and Data Science to Lead Their Digital Evolution

“In this new role, Gaurav will be responsible for driving and directing our data and analytics strategy for all products. It will facilitate our migration to a data-driven and analytics-driven organization, which uses sophisticated predictive tools and methodologies to drive growth and the long term. profitability ”, declared Randi Sellari, CEO. “We are very excited to have the leadership and experience of Gaurav as our company continues to find new ways to leverage the JG Wentworth brand awareness and grow the brand to new heights while staying focused on our quest to provide individuals with life-changing financial options ”.

“I feel privileged to join JG Wentworth on his mission to use data and analytics to accelerate their digital transformation efforts,” said Gaurav. “I look forward to working with Randi and the team at JG Wentworth to develop the ability to compete in an emerging digital economy, so as to generate meaningful value for customers, while obtaining timely and actionable insights. “

Gaurav, graduate of the University of Bombay with an MBA of Harvard Business School, joined JG Wentworth after working at Priceline where he led the analytics team that developed data-driven transformational strategies and machine learning capabilities in key functions such as sales, marketing, pricing and competitive intelligence. Prior to Priceline, he led analytical and product teams for a wide variety of companies including Standard and Poors, Capital IQ, McGraw-Hill and Barnes and noble education. He spent his early career in telecoms where he developed technology to secure customer data on mobile phones, for which he holds two US patents.

About JG Wentworth
JG Wentworth is a financial services company focused on helping clients who are experiencing financial difficulties or need quick access to cash. Its services include debt relief, structured settlement payment purchase, annuity payment purchase, lottery and casino payment purchase. JG Wentworth was founded in 1991 and currently has offices in Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania, Radnor, Pennsylvania and Rockville, Maryland.

For more information on JG Wentworth visit www.jgwenworth.com or use the information provided below.

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