LARC receives grant from Thomaston Savings Bank Foundation for art workshops

TORRINGTON – LARC received a grant from the Thomaston Savings Bank Foundation to fund an art workshop at the Five Points Center for the Visual Arts. Twelve people from LARC’s Day Support Option (DSO) attend a weekly hour-long class at the new Five Points Arts Center on University Drive in Torrington. Classes are taught by Noel Croce, Associate Director, who has worked with Five Points Gallery for many years.

“We are delighted to be working with LARC,” said Noel Croce. “It’s always a pleasure to teach enthusiastic students about the lessons. “

Art has always been a part of the day program at LARC. According to Erin Tierney, Director of DSO, “This is a new level of education and having an experienced art teacher who for many years has worked with students with special needs, makes a big difference. The students really appreciate the hour we spend at the center.

Individuals experiment with different mediums of painting as well as a variety of subjects. The workshop introduces participants to a variety of art making techniques and materials. Through demonstrations, individualized attention, sensory explorations and mixed media, participants explore artistic creation at their own pace, using media suited to their needs. Throughout the 12 weeks of the workshop, participants will create paintings, drawings and other finished works of art where they can explore the art and express themselves! At the end of the workshop, the created works of art will be displayed as part of a two-week exhibition at the Five Points Annex on Water Street in downtown Torrington.

The workshop is made possible by a grant awarded to LARC by the Thomaston Savings Bank Foundation. “We are delighted to be part of the partnership between Five Points and LARC,” said Cheryl Lindstrom, Thomaston Saving Bank, Community Outreach Officer. “The workshop will offer a rich opportunity for self-expression. It is exciting to witness the collaborative efforts of the not-for-profit sector in Torrington. Initiatives like this go a long way in strengthening the community.

The Five Points Center for the Visual Arts is designed as a dynamic fulcrum for cutting-edge exploration and community activity. The property is transforming into a world-class art center unlike any seen before in Northwest Connecticut.

The Five Points Gallery, located in downtown Torrington, is a permanent 501 (c) (3) nonprofit visual arts organization dedicated to the belief that contemporary art is an essential part of human understanding. In 2013, the new gallery, named after its location at the five-point intersection in the heart of downtown Torrington, expanded to become an adjacent storefront creating an adjoining 3,800 square foot space comprised of three beautifully renovated galleries. The Gallery puts on new exhibitions every six weeks featuring professional regional, national and international visual artists. Since opening, the gallery has exhibited over 800 artists and boasts submissions from artists from all over the world, including China, Russia, Japan, Israel, Greece, England, Denmark, Germany. , France and 49 states in the United States. Equally impressive is the guestbook.

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