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VADUZ, Liechtenstein, September 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — This Wednesday, September 7e 2022, the Liechtenstein NationalMuseum opens CUSP, a mini retrospective presenting a selection of works by the Bahraini artist Rashid Al Khalifa, from the atmospheric landscape paintings that marked the start of his artistic career in the 1970s, to his later robust aluminum and steel installations. The exhibition will remain open until October 16 2022.

Despite the diversity of At Rashid Al Khalifa’s work in terms of style and medium, there is an undercurrent running through decades of creative work, driven by Rashid’s desire to grow and evolve. In many ways, the stylistic transitions that define certain periods reflect the changing landscape of Bahrain and passages from the life of Rashid.

At Rashid Al Khalifa’s his style of work has undergone a significant evolution over the years with the environment that has long inspired him, but if we really want to understand the essence of his work, we find that he has traveled a very conscious journey. Rashid has always sought to express the essence of life, through the contrasts he regularly observes in his immediate environment, as well as the colors and light reflected in a land he cherishes.

“I am grateful to exhibit in Vaduz for the second time this year, and to have the opportunity to present this selection of works that define certain periods of my artistic career. I often draw on aspects of my heritage, culture and environment and am so happy to share my most personal work in a country with such a rich culture and among people with whom I have been so warmly welcomed. before.” said the artist Rashid Al Khalifa.

Born in 1952, Rashid Al Khalifa studied art and design at Hastings College of Art and Design, Sussex, England. Beginning his artistic career focusing on landscape painting, his work is generally defined by changes in style, which parallel changes in his life and environment. Figurative and ephemeral oil paintings from the 80s, transformed into abstract forms in the 90s, leading to Rashid’s experimentation with other materials and surfaces, such as his signature “convex canvas”. In the 2000s, Rashid began to abstract his work more, removing detail and adapting various textures to the surface. Aluminum became the focus of his work from 2010, first using glossy lacquer paint on his smooth facade, then focusing on enamel, which led to a much more minimalist approach to his work. work. First using glossy lacquer paint on his smooth facade, then focusing on enamel, which leads to a much more minimalist approach to his work.

Rashid Al Khalifa has exhibited in numerous international exhibitions, art fairs and biennials, including: Rashid Al KhalifaOpera Gallery, dubai, UAE (2021); Tesselate, Mario Mauroner Gallery, Vienna, Austria (2021); Transverse Wave, me Collectors Room, Berlin, Germany (2019), Penumbra, Saatchi Gallery, London (2018); Moscow Biennial, Moscow, Russia (2019); Contemporary Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey (2019, 2021); SCOPE, miami beach, Miami, UNITED STATES (2021); to name a few.

Prominent artist and respected collector, HE Shaikh Rashid bin Khalifa Al Khalifa is currently Chairman of the newly established Arts Council at Bahrain. He has long been considered a patron and ardent advocate of the arts, and in 2020 established the RAK Art Foundation with the aim of providing a platform and opportunities for emerging artists and creatives, as well as creating its collection of international contemporary works. art (presented within the confines of the Foundation), accessible to the public.

“I am delighted and honored to have had the opportunity to exhibit the fascinating work of HE Shaikh Rashid bin Khalifa Al Khalifa. It is through this exhibition that we can gain insight into the rich history and culture and multi-layered Bahrain, which in many ways mirrors ours. I hope that through this exhibition, we will learn to better understand and learn from each other. We are very grateful to His Excellency Shaikh Rashid Al Khalifa for this opportunity,” said Rainer Vollkommer, Director of the National Museum of Liechtenstein.

Dating back to 1438, the three buildings that now house the National Museum of Liechtenstein consist of 42 exhibition halls that display the museum’s permanent collection and special exhibitions. Encompassing archaeology, history and religion, daily life in Liechtenstein and the natural environment, the Liechtenstein National Museum aims to present the rich and diverse history of the principality. Visitors learn about the local population, the princely house, daily life and the history of Liechtenstein. The Museum organizes public and private guided tours, activities for children and families and educational programs.

The exhibition will remain open until October 16 2022.

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For press enquiries, please contact: Ms. Svetlana Prodanova Media Consultant, RAK Art Foundation [email protected] | +973 36609983

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Liechtenstein National Museum, Stadtle 43,
FL-9490 Vaduz
September 8-October 16, 2022

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