“Midnights” makes us wonder: what makes the perfect Revenge dress?

Taylor Swift makes us think about revenge — more specifically, what we would wear to commit it. The singer has released her highly anticipated album Midnights last night at (of course) midnight. On the track “Vigilante Shit”, Swift returns to him Reputation-revenge era themes, with the refrain “lately I’ve been dressing up for revenge”. Ah, the fantasy of looking absolutely perfect in front of someone who has wronged you. What could be more ambitious?

The ultimate revenge dress is, of course, the Christina Stambolian off-the-shoulder black dress that Diana, Princess of Wales wore while her former husband at the time, Prince Charles, admitted an affair with the current Queen Consort Camilla. Upping your ex on a national stage simply by wearing a perfectly fitting LBD is a universal dream, even if the high stakes of Diana’s specific situation are a little less relatable.

Diana, Princess of Wales attends the Vanity Fair party at the Serpentine Gallery on November 20, 1994Getty Images

Other entrants to the revenge dress canon include the black lace jumpsuit that Bella Hadid was sewn in for the 2017 Met Gala. Semi-sheer and with a deep U-neck in the back, the look was a statement powerful on its own – but the delight came from the fact that his ex, The Weeknd, walked the carpet with his new flame, Selena Gomez, at the same time. (Who knows if that factored into Hadid’s decision to wear such a sexy jumpsuit, but it did lead to some exciting celebrity theater and speculation on Twitter.)

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