Must-read of the week: Tencent’s sale of Singapore gaming giant has nothing to do with regulatory risk, source says

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# Business #

In depth: New Zealand fruit giant’s kiwifruit battle in China

The Zespri Group is fighting to profit from the yellow SunGold variety it developed, alleging it is grown illegally in its biggest market

In Depth: The Uncertain Future of NFTs in China

The market for blockchain-tracked tokens has seen explosive growth, but lack of regulation raises questions about its long-term future

Tencent’s sale of Singapore gaming giant has nothing to do with regulatory risk, source says

The Chinese tech giant said on Tuesday that its sale of Sea shares provides it with “resources to fund other investments and social initiatives.”


Tencent to hand over $16 billion stake in to shareholders

# Cover Story #

How the global semiconductor industry became a free market for all

Faced with the need for specialized chips for AI and new applications, internet giants, mobile providers and car manufacturers are pumping billions into their own integrated circuits

# Finance #

New Chinese payment standards could shake Alipay and WeChat Pay duopoly, industry insiders say

The central bank publishes technical specifications for the interoperability of the different systems

China updates dozens of rules for listed companies

Amended regulations cover a variety of issues, including corporate management, stock sales, use of funds and trade suspensions

# Opinion #

Why 2021 was a great year for opening up China’s financial markets

The expansion of the Bond Connect program and greater inclusion of Chinese government bonds in global indices have made the country’s markets more connected than ever to the rest of the world

# Economy #

China’s real estate market braces for a dark year after 2021 ends in funk

Some analysts say home sales will fall again this year and more developers will default on debt

# China #

In depth: Yunnan’s scenic battles to protect its lakes

The province has demolished hundreds of illegally constructed buildings on environmentally sensitive land, as it fights local corruption to preserve its environment

#Long Reading Weekend#

How Michelin learned to savor Chinese cuisine

China’s latest restaurant guide comes at an opportune time to capture the country’s hungry consumers


Gallery: More Omicron cases popping up in China



Will printing more money increase the birth rate in China?

Fertility fund theory sparks heated debate online; new graduates are flocking to jobs in the public sector and state enterprises; and Tianjin cancel flights and trains amid rising number of Omicron cases


Cover story: The challenge of keeping China from shrinking

Follow this guide and explore art from East to West, from classical to modern and from Renaissance to Impressionism

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