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ALEXANDRIA BAY – Orion Art Gallery and Studio, 42901 State Route 12, will present its spring exhibition, “In Bloom, Interpretations of Nature” from Saturday through April 23.

Opening of the exhibition on Saturday from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Mark Walts will provide the music.

The works of three artists, Cathie Ellsworth, Alice Elisabeth Waite and Destiny Walker, will be presented. The show is a celebration of nature and the female form.

Artists and their mediums:

Cathie Ellsworth ceramics and sculpture

As an artist and teacher, Ms. Ellsworth turned to the medium of clay early in her career. She enjoys the tactile experience it provides – allowing her to connect with clay (earth) and create objects that reflect the natural world. The majority of his work is done using hard building techniques with a semi-sculptural quality. Leaves are a repeating textural element with other natural materials.

His inspiration comes from nature. “I often collect objects that I will use as textural elements, while walking in the woods or working in the garden,” Ms Ellsworth said in a press release. “These natural textures are beautiful and soothing.”

Alice Elisabeth Waite paintings and floral designs

Ms. Waite has spent the last few years creating a collection of portraits and figurative works juxtaposed with nature images. “In Bloom, Interpretations of Nature” is a taste of the most recent editions of this ongoing series.

Through her art, Ms. Waite analyzes themes such as the gaze, the feminine principle and women’s dichotomous relationship with nature. Although oil portraiture has been a focal point of her artistic career, she also works in photography, jewelry and floral design, printmaking and videography. More recently, she has explored flower arranging and hopes to develop, design, photograph and paint her works as part of a seed-on-canvas experience.

fate walker

WildRoots jewelry design

Ms. Walker’s home or “Paradise in the Pines” is in the Thousand Islands, where she creates and stays inspired. She said the purpose of her work is to bring nature back to people and people back to nature. She discovered her passion for resin jewelry casting, while searching for a way to slow down and rebalance her life as a mother, businesswoman, and artist. She is currently pursuing a career in holistic health and alternative wellness, which is closely tied to the pieces she creates. Her hope is that each piece will inspire a reconnection with nature.

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