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February brings a host of new and old art and artists to the galleries of Greater Victoria.

The West End Gallery continually receives exciting new works from its stable of Canadian artists. Many of these internationally sought after and collected artists are inspired by the beauty that surrounds them. Filled with light, color and just the right amount of whimsy, these brilliant new works of art showcase the variety of talent from across the country. The gallery is delighted to present new paintings by: Ken Faulks, David Graff, Mary Ann Laing, Glenn Payan, Guy Roy, Aleksandra Savina, Peter Shostak and many more.

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The Avenue Gallery is highlighting the works of Kimberly Kiel, Denna Erickson and Jo Ludwig this month.

Kiel was born in Saskatchewan in 1972. She began her painting career at age 31 while living in Calgary. Drawn to the great outdoors of her home province, she returned to Saskatchewan in 2008 and now resides with her husband and two sons on land near her hometown. Although mostly self-taught, early in her career she benefited greatly from the mentorship offered by several other artists.

“I paint as an expression of joy and energy. It is a pure delight to squeeze huge piles of oil paint, to crush it, to mix it, to merge it, to combine it. Wet paint, layer after layer, turning into a tangible and interesting surface – thick, creamy, a range of beautiful impasto marks. I strive to leave a lot to the imagination, for the viewer to fill in the blanks. Going from a blank, white canvas to one filled with brilliant, glorious color – there’s a tremendous sense of satisfaction in that,” Kiel said.

Erickson’s paintings consist of personal symbols and organic shapes layered in luminescent color glazes. Shapes and forms are transcended through layers of transparent paint.

Born in Edmonton, she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design and earned a Bachelor of Education from the University of Victoria in 1997. Erickson has taught and worked as an artist in Vancouver over the past 20 years. She now exhibits her work across Canada.

Ludwig emigrated to Canada from Johannesburg, South Africa in 1977. He received a degree (with distinction) in philosophy from the University of Alberta and pursued graduate studies in philosophy of art. In 1996, Ludwig moved with his wife to Vancouver Island and established a reputation in the art world for his glass creations which he calls TOBs (Things Of Beauty).

The unique works are created in a multi-step process, fusing multiple layers of glass together and then collapsing them in a glass furnace. After choosing the layers he wants to work with, Ludwig cuts them precisely into the desired shape. The assembled layers are placed on a shelf in the glass furnace and heated until the glass melts or fuses into a single piece of glass. Once the furnace has cooled, the molten piece is removed. The work can then be sanded, ground or recut.

The top layer is dichroic glass – tiny iridescent pieces of stained glass that emit light. The fused piece is then placed on a mold constructed from clay, fiber paper, steel or plaster. The mold and glass are then fired in the kiln until the glass bends or sags to the shape of the mold. In the last step, the base or the legs are added.

The Avenue Gallery also announced that Larry Wheeler would take on the role of gallerist leader.

Wheeler retired in October 2019 as Associate Director and Senior Wealth Advisor at ScotiaMcLeod, a position he held for more than 20 years. He takes on the role after the unexpected death of his wife and gallerist Heather Wheeler earlier this year.

Madrona Gallery is presenting a solo exhibition of works by April Ponsford this month.

This collection of 20 new paintings explores nature, personal memories and the energy of infinite space. By combining brushwork, palette knives and other techniques, Ponsford adds a sense of depth and energy to her work. His evocative paintings reveal tangible, fleeting moments of time and space, echoing a true experience of nature.

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At the Bateman Gallery, The World of Robert Bateman explores the stories that inspired art, tracing a path from his earliest years of experience, through the anecdotes and influences that led to critical and commercial success.

The exhibition traces the stylistic evolution of a Canadian icon, from his early Impressionist experiments to the famous realism we know today. Featuring sculptures, sketches and studies alongside some of his most iconic paintings, The World of Robert Bateman unpacks the complex thought process behind each pretty image.

Started in July 2020, the exhibition runs until June 2023. From January, the Bateman Gallery has reverted to a fixed admission price (youth $6.50 to adult $10) to provide better financial stability at the foundation. In order to keep the art accessible, the two nocturnes have been added by donation on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

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