Parkash Purb: Artist Donates 3 Works of Art for Holy City: The Tribune India

Deepkamal Kaur

Tribune press service

Sultanpur Lodhi, November 18

As worshipers begin to converge on the holy city of Guru Nanak for the 552nd Parkash Purb celebrations, there is something new and amazing to watch.

The site is the Guru Nanak Art Gallery in Nirmal Kutiya, the dera of environmentalist Balbir Singh Seechewal. Right at the entrance to the gallery, famous artist Arpana Caur brought three works of art associated with Guru Nanak – replicas of his musical instrument ‘rabab’ which Guru Mardana’s disciple played as he recited the bani, a hand holding a ‘mala’ used in prayers which is symbolic with the guru and the wooden shoes of the guru ‘Khadawan’.

All three pieces of art were made by chiseling pure white marble. The work was done so perfectly that by touching the khadawan one can really feel the contours of the feet. All three rooms were decorated by placing marigold flowers around them.

According to Gurwinder Boparai of Baba Seechewal’s team: “These solid works of art have been donated by the artist. She said she had them designed by artisans in Rajasthan. She had planned to donate it during the 550th Parkash Purb program, but it took a long time to reach that level of perfection. These works of art were delivered to us so few days ago ”.

The Seechewal team had installed Gurdwara Gurparkash Sahib two years ago in the Nirmal Kutiya compound in the basement of which the art gallery was to be installed. While the gurdwara, the seminar room and a screen for the projection of documentaries have been ready for two years, the art gallery is gradually receiving more pieces.

“All the pieces that we need to be kept in the gallery are a bit expensive. It therefore takes little time to set up. Here we are putting in place various elements that are related to the story of the first Guru. Various sculptures, paintings, scripts, etc. which describe his teachings, including those based on his lines Pawan guru pani pita and So kyon manda aakhiye, jitt jamme raajan. We also use this gallery in part to exhibit the work carried out by Baba Seechewal for the improvement of the environment of this holy city, ”said Boparai.

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