Pollinator Anthology Spotlights Rogue Valley Artists

It’s no exaggeration to say that without pollinators there would be no food. According to the USDA, of the 1,400 crops that produce all of the world’s food and industrial plant products, almost 80% require pollination by bees, moths, butterflies or other animals.

The Pollinator Anthology is a new book of photos, poems and other artwork centered on pollinators and their importance to the local environment.

It features over 350 submissions from artists across Rogue Valley, as well as educational material to help people discover what they can do in their backyards to support and promote pollinating species.

Local artist Eden Orlando is one of the editors.

“I really consider myself a novice on this subject,” says Orlando. “And so I look at it for myself through the eyes of the community who may also be newbies – and how to make that information accessible and exciting.”

After the Almeda fire in 2020, Orlando collected art, poems and sculptures inspired by the fire in his first anthology, published last year.

Orlando was inspired to create this anthology after talking with artist Rebecca Ramm, who submitted work for the previous book. Ramm, beekeeper and pollinator advocate, suggested a book on pollinators

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A painting by Shoshanah Dubiner, who imagines fantastic landscapes from microscopic images of bees.

Orlando and Ramm worked on the book with Pollinator Project Rogue Valley, a nonprofit dedicated to native pollinator education. All profits from sales will go to the association.

Many artists hope their work will teach people how they can help pollinators in their neighborhood. Shoshanah Dubiner is an Ashland-based painter. His pieces are inspired by microscopic photos of bees, transforming them into fantastical paintings.

“Once they start looking more closely at this world of pollinators and understand it, they will start taking action,” she says.

Between the poems and bee sculptures are educational pages, highlighting the vital role pollinators play in our ecosystem.

Some of the works featured in the anthology are on display at Catalyst Ashland Gallery through the end of June. The publishers are hosting a launch party at the gallery on June 18 and 25, during National Pollinator Week.

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