Pune: Opening of a gallery with an eye on new talents with the work of an insurance professional

The aim of the new art gallery in Pune is to promote emerging and unknown talents, especially women. Its inaugural exhibition showcases the work of a professional insurance artist by day while pursuing her passion for painting.

Supriya Cohen, 54, had wanted to be a professional artist but life had different plans. Supriya’s Art, a collection of 51 oil and acrylic paintings which is on display at the India Gift House gallery, which opened on March 8 in Camp, showcases its main inspirations – nature, floral patterns and l ‘architecture.

“My grandfather and mother were skilled artists and from childhood I yearned to pursue the arts but could not. I started painting again in 2013 and realized how my life lacked joy and happiness. Initially, it was just a hobby and I never imagined that I would have a personal exhibition,” says Cohen.

Harish Shivnani, 51, owner of India Gift House, had been considering setting up an art gallery for several years. “Supriya and I are friends and have been following his work, which I think should reach more people. I am happy to say that we are getting a good response to his exhibition and over 100 people were there for the grand opening,” he said.

For visitors like Leher Garwal, a liberal arts student, the exhibit was “quiet and soothing.” “From the curator’s perspective, the placement of the lights is perfect, which makes it more pleasing to the eye,” she says. The panting feeling is partly due to the fact that the artist immerses herself when she paints. “She gets so lost while painting that she even forgets to feed me. This exhibition makes me so proud, because I saw her manage her work, her passion and her household responsibilities all at once,” says Shifra, an engineering student and daughter of the artist.

Shivnani wants to provide opportunities for more such artists. “All art lovers are invited here. I’m ready to exhibit all types of art forms,” he says.

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