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A longer interview with Queen Sonja was published on Monday this week by the state television show NRK. The interview was carried out on the occasion of the Queen’s opening of a commercial gallery in Oslo to strengthen the artists’ finances. The gallery will sell works of art and all profits will be donated to the foundation, which will help the artists financially. The Queen Sonja Printing Prize is now the largest and most prestigious graphic art award in the world.

Her Majesty said: “What is a life without art? This is something we have all missed now after the pandemic. We missed going to the theater, going to exhibitions and experimenting with art. We wanted a meeting place where we could also sell what we have of art. We are starting a gallery to build up capital, to be able to help more artists. We have been working for 10 years now and it is very enriching to be able to work on a vision of having a meeting place where we can discuss art and show art.

When asked where the passion for art comes from, the Queen continues: “It’s not good to say. I had a brother who had an orchestra when he was young, he painted and drew at the same time. He was very interested in art. I guess it was also my family in general. Therefore, it came naturally to me. I remember when I was in school I was very interested in drawing. I remember trying to copy Picasso.

A “good amateur” is among the criticisms the queen has heard. At NRK, Queen Sonja says criticism gives her the strength to keep fighting for art. Queen Sonja often has the cachet of an amateur artist, to this Her Majesty says: “It was expected. I have a good friend in Denmark, who is going through the exact same thing. So, it is expected when we are in this position. But that shouldn’t stop you from making art of any kind. way.

The queen says: “In the press there is a lot of music and football and I don’t think there is a lot of visual art. So I could have wished. I remember when I was in school I was very interested in drawing. I remember trying to copy Picasso and these artists. It was the non-traditional, breaking the surface, like Picasso did, that was fascinating, I think.

The new Queens Gallery will soon open in Oslo.

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