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The Atlantic Ale House in Johnson City is a place many go to find artfully constructed pints, but now they can go for pint-sized art.

A small art gallery, under two square feet, opened this month at the craft brewery pub next to King Commons Park. This exhibition space, although small, will have a significant presence on McClure Street.

In recent years, Johnson City has seen a growth in artistic representation with murals, sculptures, and banner displays. The Small Art Gallery will add both art and charm to this growing trend, said gallery founder Sarah Nobles.

“Opening a gallery has always been a passion for me. While many life events have prevented me from moving forward with the idea, I am officially making the leap as a gallery owner with a 20 x 20 x 20 inch space,” Nobles said.

While she harbors the dream of opening an official gallery, the Small Art Gallery drives her forward and inspires her to keep dreaming big (or small).

The gallery will feature local, national and international artists on a monthly rotating schedule.

Artists and their works will be featured on the Instagram account, JCsmallart, which was created to support online sales of featured artwork.

Nobles said pieces by a number of artists are set to rotate through the gallery for the remainder of 2022.

The Atlantic Ale House, 111 McClure St., has agreed to share its space with the gallery.

“Sarah pitched this non-traditional gallery space to us, and we thought the idea was really compelling,” said Ale House co-owner Jenny Lockmiller. “Thanks to our commitment to making art accessible to everyone, we are delighted to welcome the Small Art Gallery.”

Bryan Stevens, Nobles’ brother, built the gallery space and gifted it to him.

For more information on how to participate as an artist, visit the Small Art Gallery Instagram account at: @JCsmallart. For email inquiries, contact Sarah Nobles at [email protected]

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