Studio 2880 is moving its spaces to be more Covid-friendly

The Prince George & District Community Arts Council is moving its Feature Gallery to its gift shop to make it more easily accessible to everyone.

As Covid-19 continues to rear its ever-changing head, a non-profit organization has made the decision to participate in the rapid COVID-19 point-of-care screening (testing) program offered by the Government of British Columbia.

Every day, the Prince George & District Community Arts Council (CAC), some better known as Studio 2880, tests all staff for coronavirus.


To keep people safe.

“It’s one of the things we’re saying now, ‘come in for a Covid test,'” said PG CAC executive director Sean Farrell. He has been trained and is certified to administer the tests and offers it to anyone who wants to do so, including all user groups within the Studio 2880 complex and those taking their courses.

“You just don’t know who has someone vulnerable at home or an elderly relative that they need to protect,” Farrell said.

Another new feature of the Community Arts Council’s Artisan Gift Shop is the feature gallery which is usually tucked away in a smaller space has now been opened up to the larger space for more Covid friendly and socially distanced access.

Natalie Brekkas, Administrative Assistant and Gift Shop Coordinator, led the project which will next see the exhibition titled Legacies Revisited, featuring works created by internationally acclaimed local artist Betty Kovacic, which offers to present his work at a vernissage reception on February 3 from 5 to 7 p.m. The exhibition features works illustrating historical stories of inspiring people overcoming hardship and discrimination. Kovacic will give an artist talk and refreshments will be served.

“Natalie has some really exciting ideas for how we can engage this space with so many community groups and different artists beyond our day-to-day vendors,” Farrell said.

Since the pandemic and its restrictions have taken hold of our daily lives, the Community Art Council has revamped the gift shop. There are large open spaces with most of the artwork and artisan-created pieces located around the perimeter of the space instead of scattered throughout.

“The gift shop area has also become the Feature Gallery and we have a whole space where we show artists and there is now a schedule where about every six weeks or so we will change exhibitions and that includes artists emerging and established artists”, Brekkas.

Moving the Feature Gallery from the small room to the gift shop space makes it much more user-friendly, especially when it comes to the artist talks offered at each exhibit’s opening reception, Farrell added. There is more room for safe social distancing.

There will also be pop-up markets, mainly on Saturdays.

They had a few before Christmas and everyone was happy with the results, Brekkas said.

“Most of them featured potters and they were hugely successful,” she added. “They were really wonderfully well done.”

The Community Arts Council will do the marketing to let people know of the events taking place in the newly designated space so that artisans are supported with a venue and a shout out to the public.

“I really think we can make this space available to different groups that would like to do a little fundraiser or a book sale or something and really take the idea of ​​the gallery and the gift shop, so now there’s a new community space,” Farrell mentioned. “It’s something that will continue. If there’s a community group that would like to host an event, we’re more than willing to support that as well.

Hosting community group events benefits everyone, as the group gets what it needs while raising awareness about Studio 2880 and the artisans featured within its walls, Farrell added.

“So we are looking for community groups, artists and artisans to reach out to Natalie,” Farrell said. “If someone has an idea, Natalie is really good at exploring ideas and coming up with a plan to make sure everything goes smoothly.”

For more information, contact Brekkas at [email protected] or 250-563-2880.

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