The best films of the 90s: the stars share their favorites and their lists

Do you like 90s movies? The same goes for dozens of your favorite directors, writers, producers and stars, all of whom have shared their lists with IndieWire.

We’ve ranked the 100 best movies of the 90s. We’ve listed our favorite performances, scores, and even done a video countdown of the decade’s biggest needle drops. We wrote about how ’90s movies shaped us, how visionary artists like Gregg Araki and Bill Duke shaped them, and what love had to do with it.

So now, as IndieWire’s 90s week extravaganza draws to a close, we thought we’d pass the mic to the folks on the other side of the screen and see what they find the most valuable of the decade that has been. We contacted over 60 actors, directors, screenwriters, etc. – an eclectic mix of luminaries past and present and everything in between – with one simple question: What are your 10 favorite movies from the 90s?

The responses we received ran the gamut (although some choices were inevitably common). Some attendees opted to provide insightful lists, while others bared themselves with annotated confessionals. If the range of responses — and the enthusiasm with which we received them — made one thing crystal clear, it’s that all the week is still the week of the 90s for someone.

This article was published as part of IndieWire’s 90s Week Spectacular. Visit our 90s week page for more.

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