The Delta Record | Infamous Art Gallery presents a 1920s themed collective

BUCKHANNON – The infamous art collective, from Buckhannon, hosted their 1920s Flapper Ball themed collective on Saturday 26th February. Several different artists have come together to share their art with the community.

One artist, Sailah Hill of Calhoun County, uses many different mediums and likes to go with the flow. Hill works with crochet, metal, glass beads, colored pencils, wind chimes and more. “I just get ideas and my hands just want to do it. I don’t have to think about it too much. I love following inspiration,” Hill said.

Hill’s main artwork was a jewelry box that would mold and transform over time with a polystyrene board covered in velvet, where someone could hang jewelry. Hill also crocheted seven flower brooches and created a beautiful piece of flower-shaped artwork, which can be added overtime.

“I like to use different materials because I don’t want to stagnate. If I use all the materials that I like to use, I feel like there are parts of me that don’t express themselves,” Hill said.

Alan and Emily Stephens, a couple from Buckhannon, collaborated to create their artwork. Emily Stephens is the artist, while Alan Stephens is the writer. Emily said she was inspired by her husband’s story, so she created the micro-fiction artwork to look more like a storybook illustration. Most of the room was finger painted because Emily loves finger painting.

“We wanted to combine our two talents, so I wrote a little article and we brainstormed together to sketch out what we really wanted and came up with the storybook theme,” said Alan Stephens. “DO YOU HAVE A KEY?speaks to the aspirations of young children and adults in general and the idea that doors are provided and the key is within each of us. It could be a doorway for creativity, opportunity or imagination. “We knew as soon as the Infamous Art Collective contacted us that we were going to do a micro-fiction and something about creativity and art to capture that spirit of inspiration,” said Alan Stephens.

Next month’s theme for the Infamous Art Collective will be “Go Fly a Kite”. For more information, message The Infamous Art Collective on their Facebook page.

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