“Troll Market” supports artists from the north of the country

WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) – It’s a building many would recognize from the outside, but inside it’s being transformed into what’s being called the Troll Market, a gallery space for local artists.

“I think it’s really meaningful and important, I mean we don’t really have opportunities like this,” local artist Alice Elisabeth-Waite said.

Elisabeth-Waite is one of a handful of artists who began exhibiting their pieces at the Troll Market, a pool that grew very quickly.

“We started with 6 artists, now we have between 20 and 30 artists,” said Dana Gillan, the gallery’s curator.

Each artist gets their own part of the space to use as a canvas, showcasing their own unique style.

It’s a theme that Gillan says they want to continue preaching.

“We’ve got photography, we’ve got your usual paintings, we’ve got ceramics, we’ve got all different kinds of arts, metalworking, woodworking. Anything you can imagine, and we want everyone to come and feel good,” Gillan said.

The gallery is part of a bigger picture for owner Andy Rounds.

He hopes to turn the space into a community hub through his nonprofit organization Vinland Kidred, which examines the history of Norse mythology.

“Make this a place where the community comes together, educates for mind, body, spirit, inspires and collaborates with each other and makes our community a brighter place,” Rounds said. .

Rounds says the gallery is an open space for everyone and encourages local artists to take advantage of it.

And if you’re wondering about the name of the market, it’s also a nod to Norse mythology.

Those who wish to do so can contact the Troll Market directly for more information.

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