Updated HERE WeGo navigation app to showcase new partners and options for people on the go


Updated HERE WeGo

HERE WeGo navigation application

HERE WeGo navigation application

More partner-compatible options for carpooling, hotel booking, ticketing, fuel payments and spatial audio will complement the app’s browsing experience

CES 2022 – HERE Technologies, the leading technology and location data platform, today announced new partners for its free mobile navigation app, HERE WeGo. With additional options beyond just navigating A to B, HERE WeGo will deliver a complete end-to-end travel experience for people on the go. Starting in the first quarter of 2022, these options will include:

  • Carpool with Lyft: route planning will include the results of carpooling with Lyft options; after choosing them, the Lyft app will open at the push of a button with all the information preloaded to order the desired ride (in US and Canada).

  • Accommodation reservations with Booking.com: When planning a trip, users will be able to seamlessly check property availability, prices, deals, reviews, and full payment through the Booking.com platform, all in a few tabs.

  • Ticket office for intercity journeys with FlixBus: travel options for journeys between cities will also extend to connections offered by FlixBus; with a tab of a button, users can make payment for the desired trip through the FlixBus portal.

  • Fuel payment with ryd: in case of need for refueling, users will be able to find service stations allowing fast and secure payment with ryd; ryd allows drivers to pay directly via their phone without having to leave their car and pay at the cash desk (in Austria, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Luxembourg).

“We’re excited to bring the renewed HERE WeGo experience to new partners. Their individual strengths and abilities will help make HERE WeGo a complete travel companion, ”said Jørgen Behrens, SVP and Chief Product Officer at HERE Technologies. “As strong supporters of a cooperative approach around mobility, we look forward to adding even more partners and options to HERE WeGo in 2022.”

HERE WeGo is a free navigation app that guides local and global travelers on both familiar and foreign journeys. Built with a privacy-focused mindset, users don’t need to create an account and agree to data sharing with HERE to calculate routes and navigate with the app.

HERE WeGo offers:

  • Voice guided turn-by-turn navigation for 126 countries in 38 languages;

  • Real-time traffic information for 58 countries, including traffic-related routing;

  • Alternative routes for more flexible travel planning;

  • The rest areas along a highway invite to a practical rest during the journey;

  • Speed ​​limit alerts for enhanced road safety;

  • Lane assistance for more precise guidance at intersections and motorway exits;

  • Spatial audio through Mach1’s integrated 3D audio technology, improving driver orientation and situational awareness for better guidance experience;

  • Added waypoints to create multi-stop journeys;

  • The display of fuel prices (available in some countries) allows you to find the most attractive service stations;

  • Apple CarPlay integration;

  • Support offline experience, maps and search to route planning and navigation;

  • Information on public transport in more than 1600 cities in more than 60 countries;

  • Shortcuts for frequent destinations;

  • Collections to save and organize your favorite places; and

  • Easy sharing of locations.

HERE WeGo is available for free download through the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Huawei App Gallery.

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