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For 85 glorious minutes on Friday, November 19, Vice President Kamala Harris served as Acting President of the United States while Joe Biden was sedated for a medical procedure. Last week, WGO referred to its declining poll numbers, possibly instigated by right-wing media disinformation. A recent Vanity Fair essay on his desk wasn’t flattering. What Vice President Harris needs is a qualified communications director to improve her image. Last week, his communications manager resigned. President Biden has said he plans to run for a second term, which could dash his hopes for a presidential run.

LAW AND DISORDER: The courts of the United States are the place where the division and dysfunction of the nation takes center stage. Last Friday, a Wisconsin jury declared white man Kyle Rittenhouse, 18, not guilty of killing two white men and seriously injuring a third because they supported Black Lives Matter protesters, at following the 2020 death of African American Jacob Blake by a white policeman in Wisconsin. Rittenhouse’s trial and verdict sends perilous messages to crazed Americans about protests, white vigilantism and a flawed criminal justice system. Media coverage of the case was widespread, addressing the underlying stream of racism in Rittenhouse’s act. White Christian groups, conservatives and other dubious types contributed to the Rittenhouse
$ 2 million legal tab. Rittenhouse gave a first interview to Fox TV host Tucker Carlson.

In GEORGIA, the jury begins its deliberations on the trial of African-American jogger Ahmaud Arbery, killed by three white men. As in the Wisconsin case, the jury pool is predominantly white, at the discretion of defense lawyers. Race is the root cause of Arbery’s murder. The white defendants justified their actions with a citizen arrest.

Mohamed aziz

In NEW YORK, Manhattan DA Cy Vance overturned the 1967 wrongful conviction of two black men, the late Khalil Islam and Muhammad Aziz, 83, for the murder of Malcolm X. Murderer Mujahid Abdul Halim said the men were innocent. What didn’t go well? They illustrate the unequal administration of American justice to whites and blacks. The FBI and NYPD did not produce all of the evidence in court. As for the conviction in the Malcolm X case, innocent men were jailed… and one culprit, Rittenhouse, killer of two children, walked.

It is an open letter to Jaime Harrison, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, who must reassess the Party’s strategy for victory in 2022. America cannot afford to lose its Democratic majority in Congress and the Senate. ‘next year. The party has multiple vulnerabilities, not the least of which is infighting between moderates and progressives.

Jaime Harris

Democrats should not let Republicans define them or define their narratives. The GOP calls them socialists. Deny it and fight back. Hey Dems, start the counteroffensives. Specify the benefits of the Biden vision, the BUILD BACK BETTER social and climate package for urban and rural populations.
Celebrate his success in COVID vaccination. Stop the GOP “defund the police” lies attributed to the Party. Stop the GOP’s lies about critical black theory, a tactic they skillfully used to achieve 11/2 electoral victories, something they twist and know nothing about. CRT is a racing wedge problem to boot. What Democrats need is a full-time agitprop operation to fight the GOP’s lies and make it the party on the defensive, for a change.

HAITITI: The nation is now a failed state, run by gangs, not government officials, one of whom kidnapped 17 American and Canadian missionaries and their children last month. The kidnapper gang told Americans on a rescue mission in Haiti that a ransom of $ 17 million was needed. Two missionaries were released on 20/11. The United States is warning Americans in Haiti to leave as soon as possible.

Jobs are expected to be ubiquitous in 2022, coming from infrastructure money, which would be a source of jobs for unionized construction workers, who in New York did not benefit from the billions of dollars spent in the housing boom. of Harlem for a decade. Few black construction workers were approached for development in the 125 Street Commercial Corridor. Federal funds should come with protections for black people in construction. Locally, positions will be available depending on availability generated by the administration of Mayor Eric Adams and the new City Council from January 2022. Visit ADAMSTRANSITION2021.COM to apply. And corporate recruiter Bill Burgess has big orders from New York-based companies like the Metropolitan Transit Authority and Columbia University with salary ranges: $ 62,000 to $ 200,000. Visit www.TheBurgessGroup.com or call 212 406.2400

Deborah Frazer Howze

Debra Fraser- Howze, founder of the nonprofit NOW CHOOSE LIFE, hosted a national conclave on black clergy health with the organization’s co-chairs, Rev. Calvin Butts and Rev. Al Sharpton to discuss disparities COVID 19 health issue for the African American community. Speakers at the conclave included Reverend Raphael Warnock, Reverend Jacques DeGraff and Dr Rochelle Walensky. black clergy
will join their efforts to convince skeptical African Americans to get vaccinated. Now Choose Life interfaces with 120 churches in 13 states and Washington, DC
Fraser-Howze was chair of the National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS which it founded in 1987. Visit Choosehealthylife.org.

Reports are mounting of COVID outbreaks across the country, the East Coast and the Midwest. Take it easy on Thanksgiving. Do not completely give up indoor mask protocols and social distancing, if possible, notwithstanding family and loved ones.

THEATER: Musical theater is back in Harlem and the Vy Higginsen Mama Foundation for the Arts presents its annual Gospel for Teens benefit concert on December 11 at 6 p.m. at Grace Congregational Church, located at 310 West 139 Street. To book, visit mamafoundation.org or call. 212.280.1045.

FINE ART: The Dorsey Art Gallery, located at 553 Rogers Avenue, Brooklyn, will host its 37th annual holiday art auction, which begins November 27-28. Call 718.771.3803.

DISCUSSION: CCNY’s MFA in Creative Writing Program Presents “Symposium on How Creatives Use Archives with a Focus on the Work of Harlem Writer and Educator Herb Boyd,” December 2 at 5:00 pm Symposium includes Boyd, William Gibbons, Nelly Rosario and Lewis Watt. Some of Boyd’s book titles include “Sugar Ray, Round for Round”, “African History for Beginners” and “Voices of the Harlem Renaissance”. Visit cuny.zoom.us to register. Meeting number: 8103452.

Birthday greetings to the natives of Sagittarius: NYS Lieutenant Governor Brian Benjamin; entertainment director Grace Blake; media director Jeff Burns; NYS Senator-elect Cordell Cleare; retired educator Copper Cunningham; Cornell professor Carole Boyce Davies; marketing director Darryl Downing; writer Fern Gillespie; Karlen Grant; Manhattan CB 10 chair Cicely Harris; Tiffany Haddish; Kwaku Horsford; Joyce Mullins Jackson; Samuel Jackson; Thornel Jones, serial entrepreneur; Alice LaBrie; Joe Leake, NYPD; Rosalinda McIntosh; Nestor McClymont and Nestor McClymont, Jr; Ernst Perodin, Esq; MSNBC host Joy Reid; Professor Linda Ridley; Dr Adelaide Sanford; Sheryl Huggins Salomon, Director of Communications, NYU McSilver Institute; educator Jane Smalls; Gail Wright Sirmans, Esq; Billionaires / philanthropists Robert Smith and Shawn
(Jay-Z) Carter; Karl Rodney, editor of NY Carib News; reporter Eric Tate and Tina Turner.


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